Technical Features RAMPAGE12 V3:
12″ (30cm) subwoofer
Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 500 Hz
Sensitivity: 87.8 dB
Impedance: D1 or D2
DC resistance (RE): 1.8 Ohm
Resonant frequency (FS): 34.6 Hz
Power handling: 3000 Watt RMS
Power handling: 12000 Watt MAX
QMS: 7.21
QES: 0.55
QTS: 0.511
VAS: 9.7 L
voice coil diameter: 4″
CMS: 30 um/N
diaphragm weight: 635 g
BL: 246.9
XMAX per direction: 40mm

Outer diameter: 316mm
Mounting diameter: 282mm
Mounting depth: 253mm
Enclosure Suggestions:

Closed: 30 litres (QTC: 0.481)
Bass reflex: 60 litres, 100cm² port area, 36cm port length (FB: 34Hz)

The B2 Audio RAMPAGE XM series is a direct derivative of the legendary & innovative X2C series subwoofer with 5″ voice coil. Although the RAMPAGE XM is based on a 4″ coil platform, its performance will not be overshadowed by its heritage. In many ways, it pushes the boundaries even further. The new basket offers better cooling with improved SAFT (Smooth Air Flow Tech) and offers even more XMAX than the previous basket . In numbers this means 80 mm tip to tip XMAX. This is only due to the 315 mm center spiders, which are some of the largest you will find on the market.

The motor of the B2 Audio RAMPAGE12 V3 retains the same 10.24″ diameter as previous XM subwoofers, but the triple stack ferrite magnets are increased by 25%. .

B2 Audio RAMPAGE12 V3 features like the RAGEXL series, the XL composite dustcaps with embossed B2 logo. The hemispherical design stiffens the diaphragm and offers more stability.

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