B2 Audio Rage 6.1 (Component Set)

RAGE 6.1

The RAGE6.1 kit is a long-awaited member of the revered RAGE series. Already consisting of RCA- cables, subwoofers and amplifiers, it was natural progression to offer a component speaker set. Based on the platform from our top of the line component set. We set out to achieve its audiophile preference. Design revisions and modifications made it possible to offer a premium loudspeaker without all the glitz, glamour and added expenses. fear not the focus is still the same, A true audiophile experience. The RAGE6.1 has just been refined to suit the preference of the audience. For those in need of a 3-way system, the RAGE6.1 can be combined with the FER63AA’s midrange speaker.

Design Features

Midwoofer:6.5″ composite cone, ferrite motor structure

Tweeter: 1.14″ Silk dome tweeter, neodymium motor structure

Frequency Response: 60 Hz~20 Hz

Thiele Small data: Midwoofer

Fs: 72.38 Hz

Qms: 7.21

Qes: 0.90

Qts: 0.80

Vas: 7.78L

Cms: 305 um/N

Mms: 15.85 g

Power Handling: 100 w

Re: 3.7 Ω

Voice coil: 1.5 »

BL: 5.44 TM

SPL: 87-1.5 dB

Thiele Small data: Midrange

Fs: 208.90 Hz

Qms: 6.00

Qes: 1.28

Qts: 1.05

SPL: 83.7 dB

Power handling: 80w (within crossover frequency)

Re: 5.35Ω

Voice coil: 1″

Tweeter data:

Fs: 1900 Hz

SPL: 89 dB

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